Under the sky of Namib desert

Under the sky of Namib desert

Why did I choose Namib Desert to immortalize the night?

Namib Desert  is one of the darkest places in the World. I must say the night has always been my favorite part of my everyday life when always find more inspiration for my works and can focus better on them. 
Namibia Deadvlei Milky Wayby Isabella Tabacchi Photography
Also when chase the light I love to spend time in night photography and, for me, many landscapes in the dark hours are even more inspiring than in the day time.

The sky of the south: Magellanic clouds over Namib desert

One of my dreams has always been to visit and capture the natural sceneries under the night sky of the Southern Hemisphere; many stars and galaxies like the Magellanic Clouds are only visible in the south of the Equator and it's possible to observe the other part of the Milky Way.

Nocturnal Souls by Isabella Tabacchi Namibia Deadvlei Night Photography Milky Way
Namibia, as location in the south of the World, was my final choice, for the incredible environments of the Namib desert, the Damara region and the Spitzkoppe.  
The night is really dark there! I had the sensation was able to touch the stars with my fingers and enjoyed to play with the various compositions I was able to create (the trees in the Deadvlei and the Magellanic Clouds) . 
For security reasons, but also to respect the rules of the natural parks, I visited these landscapes with some local guides with a work permission. 
Panorama image Deadvlei Namibia Isabella Tabacchi
Two years ago I visited a place where I felt alone with my soul in an endless Universe. Stars, nebula and galaxies were shining over my head and were my friends in the darkness, in front of those ancient trees. Until now I'm sure that I captured one of the best moments in my life and translated it in images.

My favorite fine art photo print from this experience

It's a difficult choice between "Nocturnal souls" and "Catching the Infinity". The first one it's my way to see life and art; in the darkness usually my ispiration comes, I focus much better on my purposes, on my work, on my photography in the night; so I can call myself a nocturnal soul. "Catching the Infinity" was a sensation I felt in that moment, under the Milky Way, in the darkness of the Namib desert.

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