THE DANCE OF THE TREES - Large Size Limited Edition Print - Isabellandscapes

THE DANCE OF THE TREES - Large Size Limited Edition Print

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THE DANCE OF THE TREES - Large Size print - Limited edition of 3
Size: 115 x 153 cm - 45.3 x 60 inches

One of the challenges when I was chasing the light in Namibia, was for sure the clear sky in almost all the days of my travel, that in the night was a very positive thing.
In the daytime, at the sunset and the sunrise, without clouds, I needed to find some tricks to create some special compositions, and I love to find new tricks, it’s a challenge for me.
“The dance of the trees” is taken near the Namib desert and portrays a tree where many weaver birds created their nest. They used to build very big nests to live in little “apartments” inside of them and when I was driving around I saw many crazy big nests that almost occupied all the tree.
I took the picture at sunset, behind the branches of another big tree and used them as frames.

Signed and numbered fine art prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 315 g/m², with Isabellandscapes certificate of autenticity.

With Digigraphie by Epson hologram and certificate.