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Isabellandscapes is here!

Isabellandscapes fine art prints

Hello my dear customers and visitors! I’m Isabella Tabacchi, the mind behind all this platform, the Isabellandscapes fine art prints, my landscape photography. 

I’m really happy to welcome you to my world made of natural sceneries

In this blog space I will write about my products, guiding you to the best purchase for you, but not only!

You will discover my world, you will learn new things about the landscapes I captured, my philosophy after the shooting phase, my experiencesmy life as a landscape photographer. 

Self portrait on an alpine lake in Switzerland. Isabellandscapes Fine Art prints by Isabella Tabacchi

Why Isabellandscapes?

Isabellandscapes is a play on the words Isabella and Landscapes mixed together. My wish was to get a very original brand name which is easy to write and to remember and since years it's been my account name on social media. 

Who’s behind Isabellandscapes fine art prints?

I’m based in northern Italy and landscape photography is not only my work, but also my life every day.

The reason why I chose to be a landscape photographer, many years ago, is that since childhood I love to be in nature. Looking at a mountain range, lying on a green meadow, counting the passing clouds, makes me feel alive more than everything else

I love every form of art. When I was a child I loved to draw and paint.

After high school I realized my wish was to learn photography. And which kind of photography could make me stay in nature, travel, explore and live always new adventures? I studied something completely different from photography, Pharmacy; when I was finishing University I had to find a way to live with landscape photography. So I started to teach my knowledge, that was growing everyday, to amateurs and professionals. 

Today I consider myself a person who faces challenges every day and I think I will learn something new each of the upcoming days in my life.

Landscape photography brought me success, achievements but for me the important thing is to explore new natural sceneries in the World and capture them with my camera, expressing my sensibility, my soul through my images. 


Milky Way in Namibia. Night Photography and nature fine art prints by Isabella Tabacchi

What’s the good thing about buying a nature fine art print?

Nature has been our home since mankind was born. And in every house a landscape makes us wonder about nature like we are in it. Even if our home is in a big metropolitan area, we will be able to dream in that space in our house.

That photo print will remind us about the amazing moments spent in a holiday in the Dolomites or makes us wonder about an undiscovered land as Kamchatka.

The landscape in that image will always be in front of us, when we will wake up in our bedroom or drink a coffee in our living room, in happy moments and sad moments in which we feel the need to travel and be in a natural place.


Switzerland alpine landscape with daisies. Isabellandscapes nature fine art prints on sale


What’s the artistic process behind your landscape photography?

Being a landscape photographer doesn’t mean only taking some shots in front of a beautiful view with a tripod and a camera. Means capturing the essence, the identity of a natural place, representing the emotions that a landscape makes me feel. And I do this by looking for elements on the foreground that lead to the main subject, some symbolic nature elements that can explain what a natural place meant to me. 

Some people could say that in the human being there are more facets to capture from an artistic point of view. 

As an artist working in nature, I can tell you this is not true at all. The natural scenarios reflect all my emotions. Each landscape photographer has a different sensibility which is reflected in the images.

But how are the emotions translated into pictures of natural places? Many years ago I was at a party at a photo school where I had attended some basic courses about photography years before. I started to talk with one of the teachers about my purpose of starting to work with landscape photography. He told me that in his opinion, it is very difficult to get something original and artistic from a landscape, because nature is basically something unique that doesn’t change. 

As I often do when I’m convinced about something, in the deep of my soul, I ignored those words. I continued on my way and in the years my first thoughts about landscape photography were confirmed.

Nature is always changing. Not only because of the weather. The elements of the earth, the rivers, the lakes, the trees, the flowers, the many shapes that the water in a stream or in the sea may take. All these things together are making the changeable side of nature. 

I include all these elements and their different sides in my works, creating always something unique also in front of very famous views, where I had often heard from some people the words:” Here there is nothing else to take, the best pictures were already made.” 

Through the changeable side of nature I develop my style and convey my feelings.

After the shooting phase I improve my images and recover all the possible information, finding a compromise between reality and magic, that can live together!

I’ll deepen these aspects in the future, in this blog, so stay tuned and keep up to date.

I wish you a wonderful shopping and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me to .

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